$XED Staking and Gaming simply go together

2 min readJun 9, 2021


Hello there, all! 🕹

We have some pretty big news to share with you, and we are not going to be beating around the bush: From Wednesday (June 9th) onwards, staking is going LIVE on the Exeedme platform.

Staking is when your $XED multiplies itself

It’s not a complicated process at all! The basic idea is quite simple: you put some of your $XED tokens (either your ERC20 or your BEP20 tokens) into a staking pool and lock it. You can’t use those tokens, and no one else can either. This diminishes the amount that is running around the market. What happens to something when it’s more scarce?


You know the economics. You know what happens.

When the pool reopens, you will have more money in there than what you left. How much?

There are several pools available

Two blockchain pool networks: Ethereum and BSC.

There will be three pools on every network, and both networks have the same rules. Here are the conditions:

You game to gain access

We had to make a game out of it, didn’t we? Staking on the Exeedme platform could never exist without a game associated with it. This is why we’re launching Cryptobird.

It’s a very simple little game, and it’s the very first casual game on our platform. All you need to do to get access to staking is clear FIVE pipes. Do you think you can do it?

How can I claim my spot?

Well, from the 9th of June onwards, you will have 10 days to stake your tokens. Then the pools close.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • You connect your wallet;
  • You pick the pool you like the most (described right above ^);
  • You click the “Approve XED” button, which will activate your contract;
  • Choose the amount you want to stake (there’s a 2000 $XED minimum);
  • Click “Staking”;
  • And you’re done!

Do keep in mind:

  • You can unstake whenever you want, but it will affect your earnings;
  • If you do it before early withdrawal period, you get whatever you put in;
  • If you do it during early withdrawal period, you get the early withdrawal APY;
  • If you do it at the staking pool maturity, you get the whole shebang.


And there is plenty of other news. We are debuting our platform’s new design, and we will be unveiling a LOT MORE STUFF in the next few days and weeks. This is your shot. Take it.




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