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XPAD — Why Exeedme and how to get started?

At first glance it might seem just a launchpad, but XPAD it’s much more than that, it is a bridge between game developers, gamers, esports organisations and the broader web3 community. An opportunity to build bridges and reach out for whoever wants to go further in their connection to web3 games, early support them, give feedback and share property rights (through NFTs and tokens) and its success.

XPAD is meant to help the continuous development of games from early concept, to community growth and ultimately to foster a healthy competitive environment that can make these games grow into the ladder of Esports.

The competitive environment was always a focus for Exeedme, so the XPAD will be no exception and will be mostly focused on games that can become the first Esport web3 hits.

Disrupting into the world of web3, XPAD gathers all the right conditions to be the headquarters of a Blockchain Gaming Revolution. A plot of gaming expertise, unique investors and esports network, and a growing community that it’s all about games, sets the pavement for great accomplishments as we go on this new adventure — launching the best games, with thriving and balanced token and nft gaming economies that actually meet the expectations of gamers.

The XPAD brings the Exeedme team a great deal of pride for its innovation and the opportunities it brings to the community, so we hope you can share this excitement with us.

The XPAD is here to grow, so let’s get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and learn how you can get involved.


The XPAD is organised in 3 Tiers: Rookie, Master and OG. Each of them give access to different privileged information and investment rounds, from public to private and seed rounds. Depending on your staking level your access to Investment Pools can be determined through lottery or can be automatically guaranteed.

How to become a Rookie, Master and OG?

$XED will be the key token to access these Tiers and you will need to stake $XED for a minimum of 30 days to get early access to the gaming opportunities.

On the RookieTier, you will get Tickets for each level of staking and you will get a booster for the more time you stake. Tickets are opportunities to enter investment pools through lotteries, which will select the wallets that enter the Allowlist.

On the Master Tier, you will get Cards for each level of staking and you will also get a booster for locking $XED for longer. Cards mean entries guaranteed with an allocation weighted by the total number of cards existing for each Investment Pool.

Lastly, there will be only a maximum of 10 OG’s, first come first served, and each one will receive a Key that will give access to a guaranteed investment allocation.

So, let’s talk logistics, shall we?


ROOKIE Investment Pools: ROOKIE will have access to Token PUBLIC or NFT Allowlist Round. This considers projects that fit all criteria of previous rounds and show positive gamers feedback in closed beta and are ready or close to launch the Game.

MASTER Investment Pools: MASTER will have guaranteed access to Token PRIVATE or NFT Pre-Sale 2 Rounds. This considers that the project already has an accessible alpha or private beta that MASTERs can access to try the game. Games that have all the requirements previously stated, experienced SEED investors, a demo that shows originality, and potential to create competitive tension.

OG Investment Pools: OGs will have guaranteed access to Token SEED or NFT Pre-Sale 1 Rounds. This considers games that are still in the early development stage or in concept stage. Games that have a strong storytelling, concept art, game design, game mechanics, a balanced economy and an experienced team behind.

A Game can apply to XPAD in every Stage. Even if it is not accepted for the OG Investment Pools, there is a long way to go and we recognise that the team can make significant improvements to get to the MASTER and ROOKIE stages.


In view of all that’s being said, we hope you won’t take offence at us being so proud and excited about XPAD, as it opens so many doors for us, but most importantly, for you.


Have anything to add? Great! We are open for suggestions with an AMA coming tomorrow!

PS: All figures shown are subject to change depending on market and business conditions and it will all be confirmed before XPAD and staking goes live.




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