Exeedme is the first Blockchain Play2Earn platform to integrate the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC)

We’re thrilled to announce that Exeedme in now a member of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), which was established in 2016 to ensure that there is a reliable governing body for overseeing disruption prevention investigation and the prosecution of all forms of cheating in esports. ESIC is the most recognized esports integrity commission in the world and will help validate our operation as a premier esports tournament platform. The mission of ESIC is to unite the industry through a set of shared values that are manifested in their Integrity Program.

“We are happy to have Exeedme on board as a member of ESIC. We look forward to working with them to assist with the integration of ESIC’s Integrity Program into their operations. This is another step towards the fulfilment of ESIC’s mission to establish and foster the harmonisation of competitive integrity standards in esports. Exeedme’s allegiance with ESIC is a display of their dedication to maintain integrity in their esports operations.”Ian Smith, ESIC’s Commissioner

We are the first Blockchain Play2Earn platform to integrate ESIC’s integrity codes and standards into our operation, demonstrating our commitment to strengthening sport integrity through innovation and to promote fair play across our esports events and platform challenges. This is a critical step in our platform’s development and safeguards our players from any sort of manipulation that threatens the level playing field we offer. Whether it is for a tournament, challenge, or matches between hobbyists or pro players, we are enthusiastic about providing not only a high quality platform technically, but raising our integrity standard of gameplay to be on par with other industry leaders such as ESL & Dreamhack. As our events continue to grow in size and diversity, our community of players and viewers can feel confident in the measures we’ve taken.

“It’s a huge honour to have Exeedme join as a member of ESIC! We are deeply committed to changing the gaming scene by allowing gamers from all skill levels to showcase their skills. We feel that it is crucial for us, as we’re creating a Play2Earn ecosystem, that our platform is built on trust, and that all users can play freely and fairly, so partnering with ESIC was an important step for Exeedme and we couldn’t be more honoured to take part in such a leading organization in the esports world.” CEO of Exeedme, Nuno Fernandes.

Integrating ESIC is 100% aligned with what we’re here for, focusing 100% on our Play2Earn Strategy, allowing gamers of all skill levels to monetize their skills.

Update on Roadmap:
At the beginning of the year, we had planned to fill for a UK Gambling License in order to further expand our offering. However, we have decided to not allow gamers to bet on other matches and concentrate efforts and resources in ensuring the transparency, fairness and the levelled playfield the platform needs and make sure every player can monetise their skills betting on themselves. As such, being members of ESIC came with the highest priority in our roadmap to fulfil our Play2Earn strategy by bringing huge value to our gamers and create a gamer-centric platform with the highest integrity standards of gameplay on par with other industry leaders.

About Exeedme

Exeedme is a trusted and fair Play2Earn ecosystem that allows gamers at all skill levels, developers and gaming communities to monetize their skills and efforts with the power of innovations like DeFi and NFT’s. With Exeedme, gamers can play their favorite games, challenge an opponent, bet on their own victory and earn rewards for participating and progressing, ultimately enabling ALL players to make money off their skills.

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Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills

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Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills