Exeedme Roadmap (Part II)

Introduction and Recap

In a previous article, we presented the Exeedme roadmap that will help pave the way for the future of fair and trusted competitive gaming ecosystems.

We previously discussed the first phase of the roadmap covering Q1 and Q2 2021. In that first phase, we will be working to empower gamers at all skill levels. Within this, we are focusing on the BETA release of Exeedme and stabilizing the anti-cheat features and matchmaking. The other focus of this phase is to establish strong foundations for $XED staking and game mining to allow users to earn $XED every time they play on the platform.

Phase one is a monumental milestone that can be further read here on our official blog. Although phase one is packed with events, we don’t stop at making expectations of greatness.

We Exeed them.

As a result, here is Phase Two of the Exeedme Roadmap packed with even more excitement.

Phase two focuses on creating three major aspects in the platform: NFT Rewards, Exeedme Mintshop, and the XED DEX (Decentralized Exchange). This phase is all about empowering the communities and game developers on the platform.

Phase 2: Empowering Communities and Game Developers

Q3 2021: NFT Rewards

In the beginning of phase two, we will be focusing on the NFT rewards pool and how it can be used to reward every player for ranking progression and for achieving milestones. It’s crucial to Exeedme that players earn NFTs they can brag about, showcase and sell, buy and trade in addition to gaining $XED tokens.

The NFTs will be minted through our Progression Rewards Pool which players will be able to tap into once they complete milestones (like achieving a number of headshots on CS:GO), complete missions (ex. beating 10 marked gamers) and achieve certain ranking levels. This feature will enable users to greatly monetize their efforts in any game. Some of these NFTs will be backed by $XED tokens to ensure liquidity and a floor price in the market so, in effect, if you earn a trophy in CS:GO but instead need more $XED for staking, you will always have the option to melt your trophy and receive $XED.

In this phase we will also enable Communities to start using the tools that we have developed over the first 6 months. By staking $XED tokens, anyone (gamers, brands, Esports teams, game developers, etc.) will be able to create Communities and organize and run matches, tournaments, leagues, integrate new games and craft unique NFTs to expand the gaming experience with access to a number of DeFi opportunities that will help bootstrap their environments across multiple blockchains.

Additionally, Governance Protocols research will start. Exeedme is focused on empowering gamers and their communities by giving each person a voice on the platform. The Governance Protocols will enable players to have this right. This phase of research will introduce the initial guidelines of the governance system to provide trust, transparency, and inclusiveness on Exeedme.

Last but not least, this quarter we will be working on Gamification. This is all about allowing gamers to use NFTs and $XED — earned playing their favorite games — to access other games and leverage their earnings on the platform with cross-gaming activities.

Q4 2021: Mintshop and XED DEX

In the final quarter of 2021 the second layer of features within Exeedme will begin.

This second layer will begin with the official migration of Exeedme from Ethereum to Polkadot. This migration will allow a more fluid peer to peer system. The goal is to have this version of Exeedme already migrated and developed in the Polkadot Ecosystem in order to reap the benefits of a cross-chain platform that is designed for the interoperable digital metaverse that will allow both data and assets to travel across chains.

Once migration is completed, the XED DEX will be launched. XED DEX is a decentralised exchange and marketplace where gamers can easily trade, cash out, and swap a curated directory of community and gaming tokens, NFT’s collectibles and in-game assets. First, we will be focused on community-driven, and later, on 3rd party in-game assets. It will work similarly to Uniswap, with liquidity being provided via pools, but with a strong focus on the blockchain gaming ecosystem. The final goal is to allow for several types of trades to be available:

  • FT (Fungible token) to FT
  • FT to NFT, and vice versa
  • NFT to NFT: where the users can exchange one or several items for another item (or group of items). Price differences will be settled in $XED

To further the power of XED DEX, Exeedme will also launch Mintworld, where Communities and Game developers can start building their digital worlds. Blockchain assets minted here can suit a multitude of use cases including limited-edition collectibles, access to tournaments, lower fees, gaming items, and achievement rewards. The potential future functions of this technology are currently only limited by the imagination, and we are sure that our communities and game developers will exeed imagination. They can be seamlessly sent, sold on XED DEX, or even melted back into $XED.

Empowered by Exeedme

The Exeedme roadmap is built with all stakeholders in mind — the investors, players, game developers, and the gaming community as a whole. We want to empower everyone to start building their own digital world with $XED as a centerpiece. These communities will have the tools to organize tournaments, bootstrap an ecosystem of assets, and create NFTs. All while being available on the Polkadot platform.

We have a wonderful year ahead of us, and we hope you will be with us along the journey.

For more information on our Rodamp, check out the Exeedme Whitepaper

Let’s Exeed together!








Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills

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Exeedme is a blockchain-powered gaming platform allowing gamers at all skill-levels, developers and organisers to monetise their skills

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