3 min readJun 7, 2022


Folks, let us tell you a story. It is a story of Exeedme, about where we are going, the journey we are making, and how we want to take you with us.

Now, this story, like most stories, begins much further ago, yet, we chose to start telling it when the XPAD starts its journey, to allow gamers to be part of the co-creation of web3 games since its early start so that they can add feedback and value to the game but also to have the opportunity to share its success from early on.

For the ones paying more attention, reading between the lines, it might be a little more clear that the XPAD came to take us into a path of, not just Play2Earn, but take us into a deeper journey, as if into a forest of BlockChain Gaming.

Now, you might remember when it comes to Blockchain Gaming, Exeedme decided to go down a very special path, to get cracking some eggs, not to make an omelette, but to let the Crypto Bird fly.

The Crypto Bird is a play to earn endless runner where you play as a bird. This is unique in style and gameplay, flapping your wings to gain height and manoeuvring through hazards on your path, achieving the highest possible score for a piece of action on those sweet rewards.

This marks a very important stepping stone for Exeedme as it will be the first web3 game on our platform, and it combines in-game characters as NFTs with $XED rewards pool to incentivise a vibrant gaming community and encompass the true play to earn mechanics.

You may not be fresh on all the details, after all, there are a lot when it comes to the Birdie, but we hope you didn’t forget your Bird is your in-game character.

Your shoes for the journey, if you will.

Now, this is the moment where we tell you that we are bringing in.

Exeedme is Partnering up with NFTrade, and if you’re asking “But what for?” please grab a cup of tea, coffee, or beverage of choice, and let us tell you all about the upcoming possibilities. NFTrade is a secondary market, specially providing trading solutions for Gaming NFT’s.

Now, considering this, you can imagine this will come in handy for the Crypto Bird. Can you see doors that are opening?

If your imagination is a little bleak, we will help you out a little:

NFTrade will provide a solution for NFT trading with their secondary marketplace for gaming assets released through Exeedme and XPAD.

This opens the possibility for wider secondary trades, access to an unique NFT verified store page and NFT farming, and allows you to enter an entirely new world of NFT assets, fun and gaming.

But please, don’t close this chapter just yet.

Keep your eyes on NFTrade, because you might see some Crypto Bird flying that you really don’t want to miss …




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