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The Crypto Birds, prepare to take-off: Minting details

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us learn a little more about the Crypto Birds, the mutant birds that invaded Exeedme’s XPAD by storm after a Scientific Experiment that went terribly wrong. But hey… If we broke some eggs, we might as well make the most of some Crypto Birds!

What are the Crypto Birds?

The Crypto Birds are a collection of NFTs minted on Ethereum network. Each Crypto Bird will act as your character in the Play2Earn mode of Crypto Bird on Exeedme. Each one will be made of several parts with varying rarities that influence manoeuvrability and passive skills resulting in a unique game feel for each Crypto Bird. They don’t just look different, they perform differently on the game

Who can mint one?

Anyone can mint a Crypto Bird! BUT!…they are limited and exclusive. So, get yourself on the Whitelist to ensure you can reserve a flying spot with your new feathery friend.

How do I get on the Whitelist?

Stay connected to our Social Media: Chances are everywhere.

You can play Crypto Bird’s old version and if you get on the daily top 15, you are in!

Not so good at this method? Don’t panic: Pay close attention to Exeedme’s Twitter for a giveaway.

And don’t sleep on Discord either, there’s chances to earn there too.

Additionally, we couldn’t forget our beloved community so, if you own a Soldier from Soldier Society or if you are a Game Miner on Exeedme Platfotm your wallet will be automatically whitelisted. Despite using Polygon to own a Soldier or BSC or Polygon to become a Game Miner we will whitelist that same address on the Ethereum network for you.

Why should I mint?

These birdies are fun, creative, chaotic and very…mutated! …not a fan of Ornithological Art? We got’cha!

Although they are all that and more, each Crypto Bird will serve as the unique avatar to grant access to the Crypto Bird Play2Earn mode on Exeedme’s Platform. The Play2Earn mode will be the only one where you can earn $XED everyday you play the game!

No Crypto Bird, no $XED for you!

Where will the Play2Earn prizes come from?

Blockchain Gaming should also be about sharing successes between publishers and gamers so, the success of the NTF collection is automatically the success of our gamers. As such, the primary sales of the Crypto Birds as well as secondary market transactions will act as a crowdfunding mechanism for the Play2Earn prize pool. More precisely:

  • 80% of primary sales flow directly to the Prize Pool
  • 50% of the royalties from secondary sales flow directly to the Prize Pool

The more sales and trading of the collection, the more valuable the game will become and the higher rewards the high flyers can catch.

What network/chain is this on?

All the action is on Ethereum.

Why is that? You can well say that gas fees are higher but there are some very big positives on the flipside:

- there is a much higher perceived value towards NFT collections on Ethereum

- there are bigger network effects coming from its higher popularity and overall higher number of NFT buyers and sellers using the network

Last but not least, almost all the interactions with the game will be gasless.

As you play more, you will increase your chances to win more rewards. But the gas fees to get the rewards will be taken by Exeedme.

Indeed, we know there are other networks with lower gas frees (and we love them!) but since Exeedme is taking on those we believe this was the best call for the gamers.

When can we mint?

The date to set on your calendar is June 18th.

How much does each Crypto Bird cost?

The minting price is set at 0.05 ETH* for the first 100 Crypto Birds sold. After this, there is an increase of 0.005 ETH per each 100 NFTs Minted.

More information on the Mint mechanics will be shared closer to the mint day.

What is the maximum number of Crypto Birds available to mint?

This genesis drop will have a maximum of 1000 Crypto Birds available to mint.

Additionally we will spare 100 Birds for the Free 2 Play mode so that we can bring new players every week to try out the game and offer them a chance over the first year to gain 1 or 2 Crypto Birds per week.

As we close the practicalities for now, we just leave you with one more note: our community will grow! We don’t want and can’t cap the number of people that will play the Play2Earn mode of Crypto Bird and we have to recognise that 1100 Crypto Birds might well not be enough to fulfil the desires of all gamers that would like to Play 2 Earn (mostly after +30,000 gamers have played the first version).

As such, you might expect some news on how more gamers can join the game in the future but that will be solely driven by the number of games that will be joining the Play2Earn + Free2Earn version.

We have seen many games being driven by supply which creates a positive flywheel of adoption during boom markets but have driven the games into a death spiral once market sentiment changes. Crypto Bird intends to be a game changer applying sustainable mechanics by defining that a large portion of ecosystem initial sales (80%) and royalties on secondary sales (50%) will be used solely to fund the Play 2 Earn prize pool. As such, even if you can’t get a Crypto Bird at a lower price you can rest assured that the increasing prices will be funding the Crypto Bird ecosystem and thus creating a sustainable flywheel for the game and the Crypto Birds.

An exciting future is coming, so soon we can hear it knocking at our door!

Stay Tunned!

** All prices are not fixed and may be subject to changes depending on market and business conditions until the mint date.




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