Matchmaking is Live at Exeedme

How will I ever find my perfect match?

With Exeedme, of course. Silly question.

Hello, gamers, holders, friends, family ⚔

At Exeedme, we are entirely dedicated to providing our users with the best, fairest, and safest gaming experience the blockchain can provide. When you’re playing on our platform, you’re playing for keeps. The stakes are real. This means the matches must be fair.

Today, we are going to tell you about our matchmaking feature.

We take fair play seriously

We have told you in the past about how far we’re going to ensure that we are setting the standard for fair-play in eSports.

  • A KYC process;

Remember this little list? These are all the strategies we are putting in place so nothing is left to chance.

That last item on the list is one of the most crucial aspects about ensuring fairness on the platform. We are going to have our players betting on their own success and hinging their earnings on the results of our matches. This is why we are so dedicated to ensuring that they are facing opponents of comparable skill.

Matchmaking needs to be seamless

It is very important that this doesn’t become a burden on the players. We don’t want or need for our players to go around doing research on their opponents. What you will find on the Exeedme platform is as simple as one button. You press it, and our system will do all the number-crunching for you.

A lot of things are going into our delicious cocktail of matchmaking. We will be looking at your scores, your ranking, your general performance so far and many myriad small details. It’s a sophisticated little piece of software. In a few moments, you will be matched with an opponent that is right for you.

Once you have created a party and invited your mates, here’s how it works:

As soon as everyone is ready to play, you have to pick between two different types of matchmaking.

  • Normal matchmaking: there is a queue for each triple. A triple is (surprise, surprise) composed of three things. A game, a lobby type (wingman, competitive) and a region (European Union and North America, for now). Players are matched according to their Elo rating (the default is 1000).

So how do we calculate each team’s Elo, you’re asking? Very good question. When queueing the party, the Elo is calculated by averaging the Elo of all of its players. A little extra boost will be given depending on the number of players (to be fairer to solo player parties).

The matchmaker will also take into account the time each party has been waiting. It will always try to find parties with similar Elo points. In case a match can't be found quickly, the range of acceptable Elos is gradually increased. Evidently, there will be a hard-limit to this increase.

When a balanced match is made, each player is given 20 seconds to accept it.

If everyone accepts, game on.

If anyone fails to do so, they are removed from the queue. The parties that have indeed accepted (yet can’t play because the teams aren’t complete) will be put back in as if they never left (in order for them not to lose their priority).

And we’re unveiling it NOW

Our ladder matchmaking feature will make its long-awaited debut in the FOX LEAGUE. It’s going to be a massive competition, with an awesome prize pool that looks like this:

1st place: 500$ in EXEs + 1 FK63F Keyboard

2nd place: 250$ in EXEs + 1 FK63F Keyboard

3rd place: 125$ in EXEs + 1 FWP Mousepad

4th place: 75$ in EXEs +1 FWP Mousepad

5th place: 50$ in EXEs + 1 FWP Mousepad

Crypto and some Fox swag, which is all on top of whatever you make just by playing on the Exeedme platform.

The competition is 100% 5v5 matches, so that’s what our matchmaking feature will deal with for now. Soon, we will be expanding it to our entire platform.

You do not want to miss this. It is LIVE so eyes peeled!

Stay tuned, pre-register and join discord to be the first to get the next invites for the private Beta.

See you then!

The Exeedme Team



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