MONTHLY RECAP: July included Blockfolio Signal, Polygon, Polkastarter Tournament, and MORE

3 min readAug 1, 2021


Welcome gamers, welcome stakers, welcome all.

July was yet another month of fighting the good fight, getting gamers paid, and advancing the mighty cause of #Play2Earn.

Here are some of the highlights:

Game Mining is now OPEN TO EVERYONE

Game Mining is some really revolutionary tech, and we started out by running it in closed beta for only our earliest of early adopters, but now we have opened it to all. Here’s some info on how it works: It’s based on staking. You leave your tokens with us, and you earn a passive income.

But game mining is even better. You can earn by staking your $XED, but you also earn for every game you play and every transaction you make on the marketplace.

How, you ask?

We are doing this thanks to Polygon

Polygon is developing some extraordinary on-chain tech. They are decisively bringing web 2.0 games to web 3.0 #Play2Earn scenarios.

And we’re into that.

Theirs is the tech we are using to enable Game Mining, and we are going to be exploring a whole lot more of the possibilities it opens. Make sure to read our article about this.

And how is this going, you ask?

We already have over 3 MILLION in total value locked

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation, now does it?

That huge number does all the talking.

We are LIVE on Blockfolio Signal

It’s very important that we keep our community up-to-date on all our endeavors, and we want to be wherever you are.

So, if you are on Blockfolio Signal, and if you’re interested in Exeedme (which of course you are, who wouldn’t be), here’s the link to follow us, and make sure you add $XED to your portfolio/watchlist.

We have written about crypto and gaming

We love sharing knowledge, and these are our two favorite topics to just go on and on about. Crypto and Gaming are two different worlds that have a lot in common, and we looked into all the ways they interlock.

If you read ’til the end, we’ve dedicated a few lines to ourselves (we’re not that humble).

Take a peek

The 2nd Polkastarter tournament was a blast

We wanted it to be special.

So we decided we were going to make the stakes as high as possible: half the prize money would be donated to Gamers Outreach. They are a fantastic organization that helps hospitalised kids have some fun and distraction with the power of video games. They provide the equipment, they install it, they help maintain it… They are pretty great, and we knew that this would motivate our teams to do their best.

And it did.

Polkastarter helped us run this one, and all the teams who participated are part of their ecosystem.

We’d like to thank Dotmoovs, Blockchain Cuties Universe, Standard and Charged Particles for taking part. They were amazing.

Last but not least, we’d like to congratulate Standard for taking the win! (and half of the prize money 😏)

There’s a lot more to come

This is usually the time we say goodbye, but this time we’d like to leave you with a little teaser:

Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@exeedme).

We are preparing some pretty major surprises for the next few days.

You’ll see.

Until then, we bid you adieu!

The Exeedme Team




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