Monthly Recap: October

3 min readNov 1, 2022


And here we are again, another Monthly Recap. October passed by, each day, a little bit of a journey we took together.

Almost like all of us, the Exeedme Team and Community were in a car ride, a really big car for all of us, for a really fun roadtrip!

And now, as we’ve parked the car and prepare for other endeavors, let us remember the good times we had together on this journey, the car snacks, the laughs and the landscape.

Elixir&Exeedme Partnership

Our first destination is to sit down with a friend, as we settle the Elixir and Exeedme Partnership. And how good did it feel to travel just to see a friend and solidify this friendship, especially when this friendship benefits our community? With our joint knowledge on Web3, it’s not just this moment that has been amazing, the future is also bright for all of us!

Sudamerica Tournament

Next on our adventure, our journey together took us on a bigger drive. A drive to a different landscape, maybe a warmer one, and for some of us, with a different one, as we had our very first South American Tournament for DOTA 2.

This amazing adventure counted with 90 participants, and of those, almost half of them were joining Exeedme for the very first time. For those, bienvenidos, we hope you have fun with us from now on!

The Fnac Partnership.

Folks, some travels are a one-stop affair. We decide to go somewhere, off we go, we might stop for gas and snacks, we might enjoy the landscape on the way, but it’s a relatively linear journey. One destination, some stops, and that’s it.

Now, other journeys,… Other journeys are our Exeedme & Fnac Partnership for Gaming Month. Because this one, this one was long, we took the scenic route there, we took several destination stops, not to mention, souvenir pictures! So, shall we scroll through this album together?

The Fnac Talks

It’s hard to choose a favourite memory on this trip, but the two chances we had to see the faces of our community in person in this event might just take the cake.

The Exeedme team was in Fnac storesg, featuring some Exeedme partners and other relevant interventions from the gaming Industry.

We couldn’t have asked for better ride partners.

Gaming For Good

This journey was about fun, but it was also about doing some good. It was about Gaming for Good, if you will.

And a lot of you did. And that is why, if you went to the Fnac Stores that had the Crypto Bird Arcade Machines or played our Daily Ladders between 21 and 23 of October, you helped us donate $463.51 to the Non-Governmental Organisation No Bully that works to prevent and fight bullying.

Tournaments AMA

So it is that we were off to new destinations, destinations that perhaps can fit more of our friends at the table, including the members of our community that want to hear from us, but don’t have the chance to go to Fnac Stores.

And that is why we roamed to an Ask me Anything, this time about Esports Tournaments.

At our table we had our very own Nuno Fernandes and Joana Barros, from Exeedme, Florence Albu from Esports Gateway, Miguel BombNuker from Bombcup, and of course, all of you, who joined in with questions and who listened to us talk your ears off.

Tournament Romania

Next on our adventure, it was time to get more kilometres on our backs. To again soak in new views, for the very first Romanian CS:GO organized byEsports Gateway .

It was so cool counting on a new community and listening to a new language around here!

The Halloween Ladders

Well, it is spooky season, after all. So how else could we have ended this beautiful journey?

We just couldn’t stop ourselves from worrying about things that go bump in the night, ghouls, goblins and other scary things. So this year we just figured it would be better to stay in. After all this travelling, surely it feels nice to Play&Earn for a while.

We can’t wait for the next journey!




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