Recap of the week: Cryptogaming has arrived, and we are making history with the ESIC

3 min readMar 21, 2021


Welcome, gamers 🚀

There are no dull moments when you’re trying to change the way a billion-dollar industry works, so this was yet another wildly eventful week.

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We have updated our ambassador roadmap

Yes, we are very serious. We are business first. Look at us, starting this post with an extremely professional subject matter.

No, but for real. Have you considered joining the program?

You can check our post about this right here. This is where you’ll learn everything about our plans for the next few quarters and the kind of tasks ambassadors can perform. It’s an entirely optional and free program, and every ambassador has absolute authority over what tasks they want to take on (and earn some $XED in the process).

We have unveiled our NFT cup

Did you check it out? You can look at it here. This is the kind of glorious digital object you can own outright by participating in Exeedme events and our nascent decentralized economy.

This one, however, is already taken.

Did you watch the matches? If so, then you already know what comes next:

Utrust won the world’s very first blockchain CS:GO Tournament

Congratulations to our good friends at Utrust. We love you guys very much. If you don’t know what Utrust does, you should definitely check them out. They are handling crypto payments and they make everything extremely easy, safe, and seamless.

Which is how it should be.

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the great blockchain projects that came out to play with us., ChainGuardians, ChainLink, Ocean, Ferrum Network, Ultra, and Umbrella are all doing the good work of advancing blockchain tech, and we salute them.

Our platform is LIVE

The first private beta for Exeedme’s platform went live yesterday, on 20th March, and the first 100 users were rewarded with 500 EXEs! That’s our in-platform stable currency.

Things are kicking into gear, and from here on out, the sky’s the limit (or the moon. Whichever comes first, really).

Users who join the platform will be able to use their EXEs at their leisure. Each user will also have the opportunity to invite up to nine others to join the beta, play, and earn cryptocurrency themselves. EXEs can be traded at any time for liquid cryptocurrencies, and freely withdrawn from the platform. If you’re not one of the 100 selected, join our discord and try to get an invitation!

$XED is now listed on

That’s one of Coingecko’s top 5 exchanges, and that’s exactly the kind of move we want to be making. We keep building. Check it here.

We are EXTREMELY wholesome and honorable

It’s not arrogant of us to say so. We have a whole global institution saying it.

We are really proud to announce that Exeedme is the first Blockchain Play2Earn platform in history to integrate the Esports Integrity Commission’s integrity codes and standards.

We are doing this for gamers. We believe we can change the way this industry treats its people. This means keeping the highest possible integrity standards.

No exceptions.

Until next time, we wish you our very best,

The Exeedme team




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