Recap of the week: Partnerships, ambassadors, fair play, and MORE

Welcome back, gamers and holders 👾

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means: we’re recapping yet another extremely eventful week. Let’s not waste any more time, here’s the building blocks we lay since last time.

We are partnering with Polkamarkets

We wrote a post about this if you want all the details, but the gist is that we’re entering a partnership with our friends at Polkamarkets. They’re a remarkable project, doing for prediction markets the same thing we’re doing for gaming. They’re making it better, safer and more democratic using blockchain technology. We are joining as strategic advisors for the eSports prediction market. We will help them present their users with the best and most reliable experience possible, seeing as it’s our vertical of expertise. They will be reciprocating by creating a gaming community at Exeedme. Predictors and bettors that use their system will be able to actually engage in the future they are trying to read.

We are debuting our LaU programme with Spider DAO

This is an excellent opportunity that we are embracing, and it will give $XED stakers access to SpiderDAO’s LaU (Liquidity as Utility). Among other things, this will grant users free access to SpiderDAO’s VPN service, which will allow them to avoid lag, achieve faster ping times, avoid bandwidth throttling and attain the very best speeds in general.

Are you interested? Check it here.

The first feedback is in!

We are sharing bits and pieces on Twitter, and it’s been an amazing experience. All we want is to create the best platform for all gamers to enjoy and earn. This really is a business where customer satisfaction is paramount, and we couldn’t be more pleased with this feedback that is already helping us improve.

And our ambassadors have started work

The Sixteen Magnificos have begun their labour of love!

Here’s who they are, so you can give them a follow on Twitter:

  • @imeanyeet;

The competition for spots was very tough, but we think we made some excellent choices. All of these fine human beings have been invited into their own Telegram group, where they will start bringing in their thoughts and discuss their respective missions.

If you didn’t make the cut (or haven’t applied yet), don’t you worry. Applications are rolling and we will be selecting more people in the next few months.

Unveiling our fair-play policies

Were you wondering how seriously we took anti-cheating? The answer is very seriously. We will be using a series of different mechanisms to ensure every player on our platform always enjoys a level playing field.

  • A KYC process;

If you want to know all the details, we have written an article where we explain what every layer of security actually entails. But rest assured, the goal is always the same: we will stop at nothing to make sure everyone on the platform gets to win or lose on their own merits.



OK, but seriously, Stadodo (@officialstadodo) and PR (@prcs25) were our very first hosts. They are pro players, so we knew we were in for a treat. They got to invite any guests and friends they wanted, and both made some invites available for their fans via their social media profiles.

We got lucky.

The invites were out on the first 15 min of stream! 300 people got in, and we had a blast! We want to thank every single one of those 300people and the many thousands that watched for a fantastic evening. We will be doing many more like these, with more invites to come! So keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime… here are the links to rewatch the

Until next week, we bid you adieu 👋

The Exeedme Team



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