Recap of the week: THE BETA IS NOW OPEN (and other news, which are pretty great too)

3 min readMay 16, 2021

Hello there, gamers, holders, family, friends 🐱‍👤

We are going to keep the best for last, even though we’ve already spoiled it in the title. Sorry (not sorry). Let’s get into it!

We are partnering with Chainlink

Ever had a burning desire for randomness, surprises, utter chaotic fun? Good. That means you’re alive. We’re partnering with our good friends at Chainlink because their tech can provide true randomness, and, thanks to the power of the blockchain, prove it.

We can (and will) now provide lotteries, random distribution of prizes and NFTs among our most participative players, and many other delightful uses.

You can read all about that here.

The Fox League is a WRAP

It was a phenomenal competition, and we’d like to congratulate every single one of the players who took part. You were the ones who made it as beautiful as it was!

SPRAYY have won the grand prize, so congratulations are in order.

They have been issued with beautiful NFT trophy, as well as 500$ in EXEs + 1 FK63F Keyboard.

The Beta is now officially OPEN

We are bringing Pay2Earn to EVERYONE. Every single player out there, regardless of their skill set, regardless of whether they’ve ever played competitively or not, can now enjoy our platform.

The private Beta was a magnificent success for Exeedme. We ran it for almost two months, and we achieved more than we could possibly imagine. Over two and a half thousand users (2500! But we wanted to spell it out because it’s beautiful) played on our platform. That amounted to close to 1000 matches played, from more than 30 different countries.

It was amazing. But now, we grow!

To celebrate: a 48 hour open beta competition

We are celebrating the opening of our doors in style.

We are bringing in all our friends (some just happen to be pros 😎) to play in a 48 hour Leaderboard Competition that’s going to be taking over your weekend.

It ends on Sunday night (you shouldn’t miss it. Follow us on Twitter, @exeedme, and join our Discord for details), and the prize pool is the largest we have ever had.

Winners are playing for $10 000 in $XED and EXEs!

To celebrate EVEN MORE: Mega Stream Night

We had a BIG party on Friday to celebrate the opening of the platform. We had streamers and pro players from a number of different countries. Streams were multilingual. French, Portuguese, English, Polish. Many different languages were heard in one of our biggest events yet.

Honestly? Our heart is full.

So many beautiful things happened this week, a blog post can hardly do them justice.

Now that we are open, we are going to be making this awesomeness just the beginning.

Are you still playing for free? Time to change that. Join us now.




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