The first eSports Moments Marketplace is ON!

Hello there, gamers, holders, family, friends 🎮

Are you ready to own, collect, buy, sell and trade unique digital objects that celebrate the most epic and glorious moments in eSports?

We sure hope so, because that’s exactly what we’re bringing to you.

We’ve been on a heater for the past month of August, and not satisfied with the fabulous news we announced for that month, we are going one step further with our innovation. Furthermore, we are creating a brand-new marketplace for Esports and Gaming NFTs. It will operate on a peer-to-peer system built on the Polygon network, and it will be a pioneer in its market, initially operating with officially licensed eSports moments.

Pioneers in celebrating the finest moments in eSports

One of the most beautiful things in sports is its memorabilia. Sports are about remembering great plays, great wins, great mornings, afternoons and evenings with family and friends, in the stadium or at home. This is why they are so powerful at building community.

We remember the great times we’ve had in sports.

And memorabilia, such as shirts, scarves, ticket stubs and collectibles such as trading cards and stickers, etc. are a big part of why.

Now, we are endowing digital sports with the same thing. We are creating the first marketplace for digital memorabilia inside the gaming industry. Players will be able to outright own, sell, trade, or deal with NFTs containing legendary and unforgettable moments.

These NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital objects that can’t be reproduced or deleted. They will be sold in packets marked with three different rarity levels (Common, Rare, Legendary) plus a special one (the Mythic), and every single one will be assigned “badges”, identifying them with different collections, different plays and other categories. What will they contain?

Highlights. Great moments. The things dreams are made of.

Building for the future, from the ground up if needed

We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get some dirty work done. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing since our First Drop of NFT Moments Packs, reimagining our marketplace experience to cater to even the most demanding customers, and we rebuilt it from A to Z.

Our new marketplace section on our Platform will feature a P2P Marketplace that will allow all types of gamers to trade and collect some of the most memorable eSports moments. Users will be able to:

  • List theirown NFT’s for a specific price in ETH;
  • Make their bids on other NFT’s for a specific ETH price;
  • Accept one of their bids for a specific NFT for a ETH price;

Unlike OpenSea, one of the most used NFT Marketplaces at the moment, Exeedme’s Marketplace listings will happen fully on-chain, providing a more transparent and secure solution without compromising gas costs, as everything happens in the Polygon PoS chain.

Using the Polygon PoS chain also allows us to provide a much smoother experience for all of our users, in terms of speed and cost of transactions, while not compromising security.

But do we want to stop there? Oh no, no. We want more.

We are giving these memories a future

Memories are celebrations of the past, right? They are valuable, and precious, but they can’t be lived again, right?


But Exeedme’s NFTs will help you build the future as well. Completing collections, or achieving specific combinations of these NFTs will provide users with rewards, such as exclusive access to drops of new Packs, meet n’ greets with eSports stars, access to special Tournaments/Events, or other goodies. The most special and unique moments will also be the rarest and most valuable.

And you can earn the NFTs too. Aside from the marketplace, moments will be bought or earned while playing their respective games on the Exeedme platform.

These NFTs aren’t just passive memorabilia items. We are gamifying them, and there will be tournaments, games, and challenges associated with them, and inaccessible without them.

But this is just the stepping stone

Do you have any ideas about features that you wanted to see on our Marketplace? Do you happen to think about some exciting gamification on top of the Packs and Moments we are launching?

Let us know below and HELP us create the future of Gaming and Esports Collectibles.

Check it here.



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