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Hello there family, friends, holders, gamers, everyone!

Welcome your monthly recap, where we tell you all about how Exeedme is changing the history of gaming by making its blockchain and the history of blockchain by making it playable. And this is one of those months where we can say it with chest: we are changing the world.

We have launched Call of Duty: Warzone

This is the second game on our platform (after CS:GO), and it’s a massive one. Here’s a little quote from our presentation article:

“It’s a game that’s special to many of you, and certainly to many of us at Exeedme as well. One hundred million players play COD: Warzone, and Activision has also announced that the entire series has already sold over 400 MILLION copies of COD games.”

One hundred million players, and four hundred million sold.

You can imagine what that kind of clout did for our platform, right?


The numbers are in, and they are STUNNING

We were expecting to see great growth on our platform with such a big hitter as COD on our docket, but we weren’t expecting this:

  • +5700 new registrations 🔥;
  • 145% growth in registered users 🔥;
  • 150% growth for our $XED token 🔥.

This is incredible, sustainable, phenomenal growth that shows that when you have the right ideas and the right skills to pull them off, this community will back your play. This is just the beginning.

Welcome Nikolarn and Galex

They are COD players, some of the very finest, and they have joined the Exeedme platform as ambassadors to play that game. We are gathering some great players, and creating some great moments.

We understand how creating special memories with these superstars can be important.

We understand it so well that we did this:

We have launched a revolutionary NFT marketplace

Memorabilia is a big part of why we love sports.

Things such as shirts, scarves, ticket stubs and collectibles such as trading cards and stickers, etc. are a big part of this.

Now, we are endowing digital sports with the same thing. We have created a marketplace for digital memorabilia. Players will be able to outright own, sell, trade, or deal with NFTs containing legendary and unforgettable moments.

They will be sold in packets marked with four different rarity levels (Common, Rare, Legendary and Mythic), and every single one will be assigned “badges”, identifying them with different collections. What will they contain?

Highlights. Great moments. The things dreams are made of.

Here’s how it works.

Was this a massive success?

Oh yes.

The first batch is already sold out. But don’t worry, there are plenty more to come. From where, you ask?

We are partnering with Master League PT by ROG

They are the biggest CS:GO Iberian Competition. We have hosted their open qualifier on the 23rd and will host the next editions as well.

We are making Master League PT’s highlights eternal by turning them into our NFTs. We are using them to build the future as well. Completing collections, or achieving specific combinations of these NFTs will provide users with rewards, such as meet n’ greets with eSports stars, access to special Tournaments/Events, or other goodies. We are gamifying them, and there will be tournaments, games, and challenges associated with them, and inaccessible without them.

The Master League PT will be the first competition to explore all of this potential.

We are deepening our ties with CoinsPaid

Boy, the good news just doesn’t end this month, huh?

CoinsPaid has been ensuring that we can do what we do with crypto from the very beginning. They are the amazing company behind our payments. They handle crypto payments safely, seamlessly, and with ease. They have been with us all along, and now we are making that bond stronger.

  • Coinspaid will integrate $XED, meaning that it will be usable by customers all over the Coinspaid ecosystem of merchants to make payments;
  • Exeedme will consider the inclusion of $CPD (their token) in our own platform as well;

This is a wonderful thing for $XED. You can read all the details here.

Forbes is onto us

We love it when the mainstream press catches wind of our doings. It means we are growing, showing up on all the right radars. This time it was Forbes. They seem to be aware of the value of our NFT marketplace, and they even quoted our CEO, Nuno Fernandes.

Check it out.

Can the next month top this one? Sounds like a tall order, but we are certainly going to give it a go.

Until then, we hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures.





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