The Geopoly Capitalist Metaverse is coming to the Exeedme NFTs marketplace

3 min readDec 9, 2021

Hello there, gamers, family, holders, friends! 💚

We have some pretty awesome news today. As you will of course know, Exeedme is dedicated to creating an environment where all gamers can enjoy the fruits of this wonderful industry we have created to the very fullest. That means a number of things: first of all, it means we are changing the industry standard. We don’t believe in #Free2Play because it’s not really free. Gamers are still expected to pay for skins, upgrades, etc., and are really taking no advantage of all their skill and hours spent. We are #Play2Earn, and we are creating a platform where all gamers, regardless of their skill or experience, will be able to earn from their exploits.

But that doesn’t end there.

Oh, no.

There’s a lot more to it.

We want to create an entire economy dedicated to gaming. We want to play host to creators, players, influencers, traders, holders, everyone. That can mean a number of things. It can mean, for example, hosting a Fantasy League, so fans who are watching their favourite esports athletes compete can actually play too. It means providing awesome opportunities to earn even greater rewards. It also means creating an NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, trade, exchange, their NFTs however they see fit and a NFT launchpad to give access to indie game developers to build their communities.

Now is the time for everyone to join

We said it in our 2022 roadmap:

“Indie developers that want to bootstrap their games and access a community of good gamers that are already familiar with blockchain and crypto will have access to launch their NFTs that work as in-game items on our platform taking a step further of trying out these new games.”

So now, we are opening our doors to the first project to launch their NFTs in our marketplace (aside from ourselves, of course).

Welcome Geopoly

Geopoly is an awesome new game that explores blockchain tech and augmented reality to provide you with a geolocation economic simulator! You can rent, buy, upgrade and sell real-life businesses all over the world.

It’s a capitalist wonderland where you can explore, look for opportunities, do business, and build your very own real-estate empire. The game operates both on your browser and a phone app, and both are fundamental to play the game to its full. You can find them here and read all about it.

It’s an extremely exciting project that mingles all the things we love about gaming and Web3.

But what about the NFTs?

Oh, we didn’t forget those. Their NFTs will represent unique and special business locations in the Geopoly metaverse that you can outright own and operate. These businesses will generate you passive income, and we don’t mean in-game. They will generate $GEO, Geopoly’s very own token, that you will own as well.

And since these NFTs represente real-world locations, their real-world counterparts will actually affect the in-game economy, so make smart choices and you could profit immensely!

And here’s the best part: to celebrate Geopoly becoming the first ever outside project to join the Exeedme NFT Marketplace, there will be a presale for Game Miners and Soldiers Society holders. If that’s you, remember: Friday the 10th of December! We will then open for a broader audience on Saturday the 11th.

The sales will run on the Polygon blockchain, of course, and…

One last thing

You may have deduced this since Geopoly NFTs are based off of real-world locations, but we wanted to make sure we were crystal clear:

Every. Single. NFT. is. Unique.

And they’re not randomly generated either. They are real places. Once the Statue of Liberty is gone, it’s gone. There is literally only one.

So… don’t be late.




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