We are building a home for $XED

A new organization is coming within the Exeedme platform. As we’ve been saying, we are where gaming and crypto collide. We have always seen both parts of our identity as complementary and necessary. One can’t exist without the other. That may not seem obvious when you look at our platform right now. Gaming clearly took centre stage for the initial period of our development, and this was a huge success. We brought people in, we provided gamers with the tools to start on a new path, a #Play2Earn path.

Now, it’s time to give $XED its wings.

A new side of the Exeedme platform

Everything decentralised about Exeedme will have its own dedicated space. That means staking (oh yes, it’s coming, hold tight), lotteries, and anything else that is connected to $XED, Defi, NFTs or both.

Anyone who wants to interact with our token will be able to do so, even if they’re not gaming (yet!).

There’s several reasons we want to do this, but first and foremost comes transparency. $XED is a cryptocurrency and in that aspect we want it to have all of the potential and capabilities of other cryptocurrencies. Anyone who wants to use it for purchases, for hodling, for trading, for whatever they do with their crypto, should be able to do so freely, with or without gaming at Exeedme.

There will be a bunch of features

We are making it worth everyone’s while.

This is where we will have our NFT Marketplace. This is still a work in progress, but we want it to be a reference. NFTs will be the collectibles market of the future, and we want to do it justice with a space that meets everyone’s expectations. The NFTs we are already issuing are one of the more popular parts of our Tournaments, Leagues and our events and we can’t wait to have a bustling marketplace for them, where their true value is acknowledged by collectors and users all around the world.

Our knowledge base, which we have already shown you, is going to be hosted here as well. It will be a no-nonsense resource that anyone will be able to access whenever in doubt about an issue regarding blockchain, Defi, cryptocurrencies and $XED.

We want people to be able to buy, exchange, add liquidity, farm and interact with our token in an easy and seamless fashion. What better way to do this than by providing the tools for that on our own platform? This way we can make sure that the whole process is as clear as day and all the relevant information is available and in the right place and at the distance of a click.

Last but not least… well, you didn’t expect us to have no games on this side of the platform, right? We will be unveiling a very simple and casual game that will provide access to staking mechanisms. Maybe this will the first step for you, crypto enthusiast, to take a look at the other side and also start gaming with us

How will this work?

It couldn’t be simpler. Both sides of the platform will be linked together. If you are on the gaming side of the platform, you will have access to everything. If you are not yet on the gaming side, all you’ll need to do is connect your wallet to have access to the $XED side.

Brilliant, right?

Well, it will be even better when we announce staking.


The Exeedme Team



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