What are the differences between Enjin and Exeedme?

Enjin vs Exeedme

Enjin have garnered a lot of attention in the early days of March because they confirmed a partnership with Samsung.

The platform: Enjin vs Exeedme

To understand the differences between Enjin and Exeedme, it’s good to start by analyzing the two projects. What are the goals of either platform?

Enjin’s platform

Enjin is a platform with several features:

  • gamers can create free (and paid, to get more advanced features) community websites, forums, clans and guilds.
  • developers can create new blockchain games without knowledge of blockchain programming, in which players have the ability to earn fungible tokens or unique non-fungible tokens that are held in Enjin’s wallet and can be traded in Enjin’s marketplace.
  • game developers can mint fungible and non-fungible tokens for use within their game.
  • players can monetize by selling non-fungible tokens earned playing games (developed with Enjin’s platform) through Enjin’s marketplace

Exeedme’s platform

Exeedme’s platform has features that don’t solely involve the gamers.

  • gamers can earn (fungible or non-fungible tokens):
  • by betting on their own victory
  • simply by playing (they earn a percentage of the fees collected from the bets generated by their game)
  • by winning tournaments/leagues/events
  • by progressing in the game
  • event organizers can integrate new games, create leagues, tournaments and events, creating real communities where they decide the prizes in fungible and non-fungible tokens.
  • XED holders can stake their tokens to earn money and participate in the governance of the platform by voting on new features, games and reward distribution


Games that can be played within the platforms are another important aspect to consider, because they are effectively the “products” that will attract gamers.

Games on Enjin

The games integrated on Enjin are those that have been created through its platform. Over time, about thirty games have been developed. The last one to be released is Age of Rust, which offers a total prize (you have to solve puzzles/missions etc.) of 20 Bitcoins and more than 35,000 Enjin coins over its 3 seasons.

Games on Exeedme

Exeedme’s platform on the other hand focuses on the integration of existing games with a large following. In the beta version, Exeedme is integrated with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and in the future it should integrate League of Legends and FIFA.

Monetization models

Gamers and developers can earn fungible and non-fungible token with both platforms, but there are some meaningful differences on how they’ll earn them.

Monetization on Enjin

Players can earn both fungible and non-fungible tokens by playing games on Enjin’s platform. For example, with Age of Rust, players can earn fungible tokens by solving puzzles and progressing to new areas. Similarly, gamers can earn non-fungible tokens as crypto items and rewards that can be traded in the platform’s marketplace.

Monetization on Exeedme

The Exeedme monetization model offers different nuances. Players earn fungible tokens by winning games (essentially betting on their own win), but also by participating, regardless of whether they win or lose (participation rewards).

Bottom line

From my point of view, Enjin and Exeedme are two projects that are developing a platform in the gaming industry, but that don’t have much in common.



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