3 min readMay 1, 2022


April has bloomed here in Exeedme, so here we are to tell you all about it.

This means the time has come for us to tell you all about how we have been growing during this month of April. So, no in between a hot tea and a cold lemonade, grab whatever you prefer, and take a look at all the juggling we’ve been doing between projects, all to amuse you!

Xinder, Let’s play Match…?

And since indeed, amuse we do, we started the month with a little old good April’s fools banter with our little Xinder. But hey, you know what they say. If it sounds too good to be true, maybe one day it will become true. That… that is what they say, right?

Weekend Tournaments

With a Spring that might be leaving us confused on whether to go out or stay in (not to mention allergy season is upon us!), we like to make sure you have plenty of choice to go around. So in April we made sure there were plenty of Tournaments to go around. Not only the oh-so familiar Daily Ladders, but also the Ace Series. Every opportunity for you to call it a win!

AMA: Hackathon Winner Dissolution

We never want you to be going to bed with aching questions at the end of they, so we make anything possible so that this doesn’t happen.

This month we had a very special guest for our AMA, Houston Song, the CEO at Xenum, and certainly the best person to tell us all about Dissolution.

The Soldier Society Hoodie Giveaway

We know that some of our fellow Soldiers live in parts of the planet where the weather is still quite cold by now, so we thought these fellas might need a helping hand from their Platoon. So before the weather gets warm, we gave away two Custom-Made Hoodies. There’s two elements of the Soldier Society that now hold a custom-made uniform. If you spot them in your street, shout them out!

Exeedme rank system

We also threw in the air a little something, the new Exeedme Rank System, did you notice that one? An exciting new way to outstand your participation in the platform, launch some friendly competition in our community, and who knows what this XP might mean in the near future. You may think those pretty Badges in your screen are just for show, but you might find out that it’s more than that…

Content of the Weekend

And speak of news, a little birdie told us that some of you were missing your daily dose of Exeedme during the weekends. So, for you not to feel abandoned, we decided to start giving you little tips of curated Content that you can listen to. Think of it as a little souvenir, from us, to you. And if you have suggestions to feature in the Content of the week, please, throw them in!


But if you haven’t been catching too much of a spring snooze, you will without a doubt know what the main course of this month was. Our very own Launchpad might need no introduction, but we aren’t ones to save on words, just in case you need a reminder.

And if you were wondering how you could embarc on this journey, wonder no more, for we have answers.

But hey, if you still have questions, practical or metaphysical at the end of those reads, not to worry, we had you covered, we made sure there was an entire blanked of answers, so we had an AMA dedicated to the Launchpad to make sure not a single thing went unaddressed.

And now, just to make sure you’re all set for the XPAD, we launched a giveaway so good… it might be better for you to see with your own eyes.

So while Spring might be shy and just a little indecisive, we are not, we are always trying to find the best most interesting entertainment and projects for you. And there’s always more to come!




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