Vote2Earn is Here

2 min readJul 5, 2022

At Exeedme, we are committed to bring you the best of the Gaming World as well as to listen to our community’s voice. And this was always the main goal of the XPAD.

But we are always looking for ways to go beyond, and find creative and interactive ways to reach out to you, so today we propose a new way for you to be up-to-date with the latest innovations in the Gaming World, get your voice heard and earn for participating.

Since the beginning we have always believed in the power of the crowds, in the power of gamers, to help to create something they want and they are part of. Games are supposed to catalyse emotions, to make us feel alive, to make us feel competitive so ultimately who decides on its success or failure are gamers themselves — no one better than you to choose the games that you want to play and invest in.

With this desire in mind, we are excited to bring you: XPAD’s new interactive feature: Vote2Earn Guess the name says (almost) it all.

Vote2Earn — is giving the opportunity to our community to help us choose the next upcoming games to be released on XPAD.

Wondering what it is? How does it work?

We have answers for you.

Gamers will be able to watch Game trailers from different projects — most of them without any naming references so you don’t get influenced by additional information- and by the end of it simply reply to the following question — Would you play this game?

All we want is to hear your voice, let us know with a simple: Yes/No.

For each video you see and vote in, you will be able to earn 50 XP points so that you can rank up on the competitive gaming platform

But, that’s not the end of it!…for each 5 votes it will unlock 1 Diamond. Diamonds are rare and precious, and in this particular case your only way in to access to:

  • Token and NFT Allowlists
  • Special discounts on Gaming NFTs
  • NFT raffles
  • Private gaming Alpha & Beta tests
  • who knows what more we can think of…

Has it ever been more profitable to watch and vote on gaming trailers?




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