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With so many of us around the globe entering Summer, it only makes sense that things are getting hotter. So it turns out Exeedme is picking up just enough steam.


If you’re not too busy dreaming of summer, you might remember we have been dreaming of a little XPAD ourselves. Our very own Launchpad, so anyone can be a part of the development of games from early concept, to community growth and ultimately foster a healthy competitive environment that can make these games grow into Esports.

But don’t think this is all just a dream of an early summer afternoon,the XPAD is a very well defined reality, as you can see here.

The Egg has Cracked: The Crypto Bird is Out

The biggest head scratcher latest on Exeedme was a certain mysterious egg that got everyone wondering.

Well, the mystery is over: the Crypto Bird is out: these mutant birdies are free on the XPAD!

And slowly, but surely steady, we’ve been learning more and more about our favourite Passarine.

An NFT like this, unique and that allows you to Play2Earn, is it really possible to not want to put your grabby hands on them? Well, all you need to know about minting is at the distance of a click.

Crypto Bird Whitelisting

But, it’s not just about knowing everything about the minting. Our Crypto Birds are anything but infinite, so If you want one of these feathery friends, you should really make sure you get your behind in our precious Whitelist.

And even though a lot of these Whitelist spots already…flew away… There’s a bunch more spots to give out!

“But how, how can I get Whitelisted?” We hear you scream, through the power of Web3 magic (yes, yes we hear, don’t question it, just stop shouting).

Well, beforehand, there’s a special crew that is already Whitelisted: We couldn’t have left our Soldier Society and the Game Miners behind in a time like this.

But if you’re not built for the mines or for the army, what can you do?

Well, during two weeks of May, you could get some nostalgia kicks and play the old version of Crypto Bird in the Exeedme Platform.

But now, you can keep your eyes sharp in our Social Media, starting off with our old pal Twitter, where Whitelist spots are flying off like they’re hotcakes! But to make sure nothing goes under your hawk eye, keep one wing on Twitter and another on our Discord.

In May we also cracked another one of our good old Ask Me Anything, and this time our team was joined by Filipe Caseirito, the Co-Founder of the Fun Punch Team, to tell us all about the Crypto Bird and get in all the nooks and crannies of the questions you might have about it.

Daily Ladders: A Menu Better with Friends

Now, you might be thinking, was this month so much Bird Talk that it’s smelling of wet feathers all up and down our headquarters? Well, the smell of the office is irrelevant, but the month was not all beaks.

May will forever stay in Exeedme History as the month we changed the game in the Daily Ladders: From this happy month forward, the more people join in on the ladders, the more you win.

So what are you waiting for to get more friends to stir this delicious pot?

Exeedme Livestreams

Maybe this month was a little too much, maybe you’re still enjoying the flowers blossoming. Maybe you’re saving your strength for all the action ahead.

And if that’s so, the month of May did provide alternatives for you:

We came up with a menu of Livestreams, some palate cleansers of Content of the Week, and a petit dessert of a collaboration with Nathan Groenendal from The Crypto Gaming Podcast in a very intimate Twitter Space.

And now that May is wrapped up with a big bow, we can barely wait for June to start heating up!




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